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Space Furniture is furniture and accessories manufacturer specialized in production of tables, chairs and occasional. The in-house design of the wooden and metal parts and elements, supported by the Innovative Design Department, allow Space Furniture to be always closer to the market and to the customers’ needs. The development and production of the high quality items are the priority element of the company, together with the continuous research for the use of new materials and implementation of new technologies. Clean lines, attractive and innovative design and comfort are understood as inalienable values. These skills and characteristics allow Space Furniture to act intensively also in the hospitality field, having the possibility to offer not only items included in the general catalogue with different customization opportunities, but also to develop tailored items upon customer’s requests.

Superbly executed by master Italian craftsmen and touch, Space Furniture is outstanding in its use of luxury materials, offering distinctive style and par excellent.

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Telephone: +968 22006758

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